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Rhythm Cards
Generic Music in 3 Tempos
Unit Cards - Complete Set - LAtest Version
Complete with Numbered cards that go behind the Rhythm Cards. Brand new, beautiful Unit Cards with appropriate DOTS for Rolling Count.  Each Card has the name of the Rhythm in the upper Left hand border. Bottom left hand border states either "Even" or "ODD" Rhythm.

The SET consists of 32 distinctly different rhythms (that's 26, 4/4 time Unit Cards - and 6, 3/4 time Unit Cards (there are two sets of all the Basic Rhythms), PLUS the Rolling Count Cards that sit behind the Rhythm Cards.  In addition, there are two Double-side Charts that show every unit available, plus how to "Call" each Rhythm, eg. "&a Step & Step-Step.

Reactions have been phenomenal.  We have never had such a fantastic Teaching Program. Cost: $59.95 for the complete set.  

Do you have trouble Counting Music? Are you a Teacher who has students who have trouble counting music? I have since talked to many people who felt that this disc was the answer to a Level 1 learning tool.  You'll find: COUNTING 8's - Phrasing - Learning the difference between a Theme and a Bridge - Rolling Count - Along with uncomplicated music in 3 different tempos - And, YES, I did write the music - and, YES, the vocalist is ME! HA!  It's only $15 and it's "One of a Kind".

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