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Golden Sta​te Dance Teachers Association(GSDTA)
has been certifying teachers since 1961.
 The GSDTA notation system can dissect and document any pattern in any dance. 

Dance Teacher's Certification

Dance teacher's certification throughGolden State Dance Teachers Associationhas been a mark of honor since 1961. As an international team, GSDTA authorized Specialists will verify when you attend classes, or private instruction and sign off on the hours attended and subjects studied.  Keep track of these credited hours - GSDTA will keep note of this on record as well. For further information, click here:

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GSDTA Certification Specialists include those pictured. There are also some individuals who can give credit for basic GSDTA modules (check for individuals in your area).

Tatiana Mollmann

Learn everything a DANCE TEACHER or a DANCE STUDENT wants - or needs to know - about any form of partner dancing in WEST COAST SWING as well as all forms of Ballroom, Latin, and Niteclub dancing.

For 61 years, Skippy Blair has been credited for the evolution and development of California's State Dance: WEST COAST SWING
COORDINATION TRAINING (for all ages) has been the hallmark of the Universal Unit System®