DISCO to TANGO & BACK - 3rd edition of the original Dance Text Book

3rd edition of the 1978 Dance Text Book that is now available. This 3rd edition in 2017 includes many updates. Cost: $45

DANCE POWER - 2nd Printing

If you don't have a copy of Dance Power, you are missing out on a fantastic resource.  Dance Power continues to be one of the most popular of our book series with much concentration on West Coast Swing.  It's only $45 and you will love it.


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Crib Sheet
Disco to Tango and Back 3rd Edition


This 5th edition of "Dance Terminology" has been in update production for the last eight years. Time to get your updated copy, for all those teachers who have used this book as one of their foundation materials for teaching.   Over 140 pages of information explaining every detail of West Coast Swing and complete understanding of the Universal Unit System.  
Only $45

A 16-page booklet that is a STUDY GUIDE for information that every teacher and every serious dancer should know.  It also covers the main facts that people need to know who are planning on taking the Preliminary Exam. Cost: $15
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