15-Hour INTENSIVE Program
March 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2017

Skippy's Training Room - 10804 Woodruff Avenue, 
Downey, CA 90241
(Maximum attendance – 16)

Hi Everyone – Hold-on to your hats.  I am so excited about this Intensive. 

It may become one of the best I've taught.

We are going to be "heavy" on the Importance of the Special "FOOTPRINT"

of each Dance that separates the Quality of each Individual Dancer!


Friday Night:  6pm – 9pm      Orientation,  Exercises that train your Muscle Memory – MORE
                                                “Rolling Count” (There’s never enough).  PLUS we will go over

          the weekend schedule for Clarification.

10:30am     "Movement Vocabulary” to distinguish the difference from one
                                                        movement to another.  If you do not UNDERSTAND the difference,  

                                   you will not be able to DEMONSTRATE the difference.

                                          12 noon      Overlooked Fundamentals.                         

                                              12:30      The Newest and Most Exciting News in the Universal Unit System®

                                                             is the analysis of the "FOOTPRINT" of each individual dance.

                                                             It is the DIFFERENCES NOT the similarities that identify a Dance.

                                                             We will explore this in depth!

                             LUNCH BREAK      1:30 to 3pm
3:00pm      Continuing the "FOOTPRINT"

                                           4:30pm      UNIT GAMES

10:30am    “Warm-up” routines that prepare you to EXCEL!                                  

                                         11:30am     Dancing West Coast Swing – How you START the teaching is crucial!
                                                           The SEQUENCE you teach can make it either easy or difficult!

                                   Lunch Break    1:30 to 3pm
                                           3:00pm     Personal Critiques
                                           4:30pm     Discussing different Exam Materials
                                           5:30pm     Final Review of Weekend

            $325 per person  -  Includes 15 hours of instruction,  plus Participants will receive by e-mail  

            critical materials covering each subject taught.

                                                                   As Skippy always says,
                                  "The schedule is never final until the last class is taught."

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2017 continues to be a GREAT year.​​          
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God Bless and keep dancing,

much love,​ Skippy


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